StablePAVE PRO – the most robust of our range suitable for all applications.

StablePAVE PRO is the ultimate gravel stabilising honeycomb, suitable for all applications from pedestrian and residential paving, to regular vehicle use on commercial or municipal projects.

  • Panel size 1.18 mtr x 0.944 mtr x 32m deep (1.1 square metres per panel).
  • Solid, perforated, permeable base adding flexural strength.
  • Gravel requirement of 65 kg per square metre, which will bury the honeycomb to the correct level.
  • Suitable for all applications including horse boxes, trailers, tractors and mechanical equipment.

StablePAVE PRO provides a structurally strong, fully permeable, sustainable and attractive paving choice.

StablePAVE PRO is UK manufactured from locally sourced recycled raw material so, in addition to being a major contributor to any sustainable drainage objective, is a good ecological, Breeam friendly option.